Experience Award Winning Cuisine.

Trivandrum has been at the centre of the spice trade for over three millennia and has contributed unique and exotic flavours to global cuisine.

Trivandrum’s culinary history inspired us to combine traditional cuisine with contemporary style. The menu presents a wide repertoire of cuisine from the countries that historically traded with Kerala. The menu is a gastronomical journey through Kerala, India, Morocco and Italy. Each dish has been carefully handpicked for its cultural heritage, authenticity and resonance with the tastes of Kerala and is presented in a multisensory delight of exciting flavours, textures and aromas.


At Villa Maya, food is more than just the taste - It is, along with an exhilarating experience, a journey into the past. Not just the preparation, the presentation too reminds one of India’s rich cultural heritage.


The antique spice box, used as a serving bowl, accentuates the unique flavours of spices in our kebabs and elevates the experience - not just the taste but also appeal, flavour, aroma and offers invaluable glimpses into our ancient culture.