Experience a fully restored 18th century Dutch Manor

Welcome to Villa Maya, a lovingly restored 18th century Dutch manor that once enjoyed the attention of the royal house of Travancore. In the spirit of its noble heritage it continues to exude timeless elegance through contemporary design and haute cuisine.

Villa Maya is a treasure trove of subtle sensory delights; a theatre of the senses meticulously crafted to offer you an escape into serenity. Authentic traditional cuisines from around the world are exquisitely plated to harmonise with its classical architecture, minimal style and carefully selected art and craft pieces, creating an experience of beauty and grace. 


We have introduced sophisticated dining experiences. We believe in comfort, privacy and finesse and each of our varied dining spaces have been individually styled to suit your every mood and celebration.

At Villa Maya you will discover there is no separation, only a surrender to the immediacy of your senses.