Authentic Fusion Cuisine

Taste and tradition intertwine within the realm of Villa Maya.
Drawing inspiration from its history, the cuisine creates a concerto for the senses, offering an immersive experience that elevates dining to a spiritual realm. In every morsel, the flavours and textures paint your mind with the colours and hues inspired by dreams and histories. Each spoonful brought to the lips and savoured by the tastebuds takes over the senses and carries you into the past.

Crispy Fried Prawns

Chocolate Coffee Fudge

Tender Coconut Broth

Tangdi Kebab

Syrian Beef Fry

Spice Box

Phyllo Banoffee Pie

Erachi Chuttidichathu

Empowering Local Communities

Empowering local communities, contributing to the preservation of the environment and a commitment to sustainable practices are of critical importance to Villa Maya, leaving behind a legacy for the next generation.

Villa Maya believes in supporting and empowering local communities. Our meats and vegetables are procured from local farms that adhere to a policy of ‘zero chemicals and zero preservatives’.

Villa Maya also promotes seasonal dishes. Since our ingredients are harvested at their peak ripeness, we are able to deliver superior flavours, textures and nutritional value with each meal. Our dedication to these sustainable practices ensures that existing agricultural land and biodiversity are preserved and our consumption patterns are in sync with the farms and their produce.

A culinary journey without parallel

Experience utmost sophistication and unmatched refinement
against the backdrop of a sprawling Villa of historical significance.

We are delighted to offer alternative and bespoke banqueting spaces
to accommodate your specific needs for exclusive occasions,
even the entire Villa if so desired.